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Small Business Government Contracting HelpSmall Business Lawyer Government Contracting Help. Find out if you Qualify as a “Small Business” for Federal Contracts. Get Help to Start or Renew Registration.

Our lawyers and consultants can assist with SBA Small Business Federal Contracting Program eligibility and applications (8a, Service-Disabled Veteran, Woman-Owned, and HUBZone). We also furnish Government Proposal Writing and FAR DFARS Federal Government Contract Compliance services to Small Business Government Contractors.

We can also assist with day-to-day small business Federal contract management issues. All States – Nationwide practice. We can also assist with Overseas U.S. Government contracts. Prompt, affordable services.

small business lawyer - government contractsJeffrey Giancola, the Principal, is a cum laude graduate of Columbia University and received his law degree from the University of Virginia. He is a member of the State of  Maryland Bar and has 30 years of experience in the Government procurement field. This Firm is Attorney-Managed. This firm focuses exclusively on U.S. Federal Government contract matters.

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sba contracting assistance programs7 Ways A Small Business Lawyer or Consultant can Help You with Government Contracting

PLEASE NOTE: This firm has senior acquisition consultants that assist Mr. Giancola with the performance of the tasks below. The hourly rate for these consultants is very reasonable and is significantly lower than standard attorney rates. This practice results in meaningful cost savings for our small business clients.

1. Get Help to Find Out if You Qualify as a “Small Business” for Federal Contracts.

2. Get Help to START or Help to RENEW Registration. The registration process is quite involved. The SAM system is in the process of migrating from DUNS numbers to Unique Entity IDs; this affects new registrations, but also perhaps more importantly renewals. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you retain the services of a qualified registration expert to help you navigate this process.

3. Get Help with Small Business Federal Contracting Programs:  Small Business Certification (SBA)  – 8a – Minority – Veteran – Women – HUBZone.  Also: Certificate of Competency (COC)  – Size Issues  – NAICS  – Set-Asides  – Affiliation  –  CPARS – Subcontracting Limits – Teaming Arrangements – SBA size or status bid protests. These issues can be quite complicated to deal with.

4. We are small business Government Proposal Writing experts. Click here for more information: Government Proposal Writing.

5. Get Help with FAR DFARS Federal Contract Compliance:  Clauses – Representations & Certifications – Subcontracting – Government-Furnished Property (GFP) Checklist – Environment – Key Personnel – SAM & CPARS Past Performance – Service Contract Act & Davis-Bacon Act – Labor Laws – Buy American Act – Export Controls – Security – Cost Allowability – DCAA audits – Cost & Price Analysis (FAR Part 15) – Conflicts of Interest (OCI & PCI) – Help Dealing with Contracting Officers, Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs), and the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) – Help dealing with allegations of Government Contract Fraud (a very serious matter); and

6. Get Help with  CPARS Unfair Past Performance Evaluation.

7. Procurement Fraud Lawyer. This is a very serious matter. Please contact me immediately.

One thing NOT to do: Don’t Go it Alone!

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NOTE:  SERIOUS legal issues can arise concerning a firm’s REPRESENTATION that it qualifies as a small business for a specific Federal procurement (including its status as a small disadvantage business (SDB), a HUBZone small business, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business (SDVOSB), or a Women-Owned small business (WOSB)). It is highly recommended that you contact us at the following link if you have concerns in this area: CONTACT SBA BID PROTEST LAWYER.

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