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Government Contracts Lawyers AttorneysProcurement Fraud Lawyer. Attorney Specializing in U.S. Government Contracts. Solve Problems and Avoid More Mistakes. Procurement Fraud Red Flags.

U.S. Government Procurement Contract Fraud Lawyer. White collar Federal criminal defense attorney. We help Government contractors facing actual or potential civil or criminal liability arising from the award or the performance of a Federal Government contract. Our goal is to AVOID or MITIGATE actual or potential CIVIL or CRIMINAL liability under the Federal contract fraud statutes (e.g., False Statements Act, False Claims Act, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Small Business Act, Buy American Act, Anti-Kickback Act, and MANY others). We also seek to help you AVOID MORE MISTAKES and deal with the agency Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the Government lawyers.

The legal matters discussed in this post do not “go away” so to speak in my experience if you do nothing; they only get worse. The Federal Government investigators are tenacious and are backed by the virtually unlimited personnel and financial resources of the U.S. Government.

Procurement Fraud Lawyer

Jeffrey Giancola, the Principal, is a cum laude graduate of Columbia University and received his law degree from the University of Virginia. He is a member of the State of  Maryland Bar and has 30 years of experience in the Government procurement field. This Firm is a boutique (small) Government Contracts Law Firm and focuses EXCLUSIVELY on U.S. Federal Government contract matters.


Government Contracts Attorneys Common Procurement Fraud Schemes (Indicators) You Must Avoid:

1.  Falsifying information in Federal contract proposals (cost, technical, schedule, other)

2. Using Federal funds to purchase items that are not for Government use (expense misallocation)

3. Billing more than one contract for the same work (double-billing)

4. Billing for expenses not incurred as part of the contract (cost-shifting)

5. Billing for work that was never performed (e.g., falsified or inflated employee time sheets)

6. Falsifying data submitted to the Contracting Officer (e.g., cost or pricing data)

7. Substituting approved materials with unauthorized products (product substitution) – particularly serious in military environment where injury or fatality results from use of substandard components (owners and managers of contractor could face second-degree murder or manslaughter charges)

8. Misrepresenting a project’s status (percentage of completion) to continue receiving Government funds (e.g., in Federal construction contract)

9. Charging higher rates than those stated or negotiated for in the bid or contract (e.g, shifting labor hours to higher rate labor categories not necessary or authorized for performance of task)

10. Influencing government employees to award a grant or contract to a particular company, family member, or friend

Government Contracts Attorneys More Common Procurement Fraud Schemes (Red Flags) You Must Avoid:

11. Bid Rigging (high-low rotation bid strategy)

12. Conflicts of Interest (e.g., writing the specifications for the Government and then bidding the job)

13. False Certifications (Statements)

14. False Certification of Small Business Status as small disadvantaged firm, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, woman-owned small business, or HUBZone small business

15. Debris Removal Fraud

16. Subcontractor Kickbacks (pay to play)

17. Bribery of Federal Official

18. Materials Overcharging (including inter-divisional non-arms-length transactions)

19. Falsification of Quality Control Testing Results – particularly serious in military environment where injury or fatality results from use of non-specification compliant end-items (owners and managers of contractor could face second-degree murder or manslaughter charges)

20. Household goods moving fraud


Government Contracts AttorneysPlease Seek the Advice of a Government Contracts Lawyer Now

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you seek the advice of a qualified Government Contracts lawyer if you have been accused of – or THINK you will be accused of – any of the 20 procurement fraud schemes listed above.



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