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Boutique Government Contracting Law FirmBoutique Government Contracting Law Firm. Attorneys Specializing in Federal Contract Law. Government Contract Compliance.

We are Government Contracting and Federal Procurement experts. Find needed help with FAR DFARS Defense & Civilian Federal Contract Compliance. We can help you to solve problems and avoid costly mistakes. Prompt, affordable law firm services. Small Business Government contracting lawyers.

What does a Government Contract Law Firm Do?

We help with day-to-day Contract Performance issues, e.g., those involving cost, schedule, or work quality. Get help to prepare and submit FAR Requests for Equitable Adjustment (REAs), Government Contract Claims, and Modifications. Get help to deal with the COs & CORs. All States – nationwide law firm practice, boutique Government contracts law firm. We can also assist with Overseas U.S. Government contracts.

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Jeffrey Giancola, the Principal, is a cum laude graduate of Columbia University and received his law degree from the University of Virginia. He is a member of the State of  Maryland Bar and has 25 years of experience in the Government procurement field. This Firm is Attorney-Managed and focuses exclusively on U.S. Federal Government contract matters.


small business governmenta contracts lawyer near meHere are 9 Ways that a Boutique Government Contracts Law Firm Can Help You Now:

1. FAR DFARS Government Contract Compliance: Clauses – Representations & Certifications – Subcontracting – Government-Furnished Property (GFP) Compliance Checklist – Small Business (SBA) Matters; Environment – Key Personnel – SAM & CPARS Past Performance – Service Contract Act & Davis-Bacon Act – Labor Laws – Buy American Act – Export Controls – Security – Cost Allowability – DCAA audits – Cost & Price Analysis (FAR Part 15) – Conflicts of Interest (OCI & PCI) – Help Dealing with Contracting Officers, Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs), and the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) – Help dealing with allegations of Government Contract Fraud (a very serious matter);

2. Help Managing Your Government Contract: Help dealing with the Government Contracting Officers (COs) and CORs. Actionable Advice on Modifications (Mods), including Requests for Equitable Adjustment (REAs), Scope issues, Constructive Changes, Defective Specs, Interference & Failure to Cooperate, Improper Technical Direction, Accelerations, and Delays & Disruptions (including from the COVID Epidemic);

3. Help Managing Your Government Contract: Actionable Advice on such matters as Stop-Work Orders (SWO), Suspension of Work, Cure and Show Cause Notices, Termination for Convenience (T4C) and Default/Cause (T4D), Delays & Disruptions, Invoices and Prompt Payment, Reports, Subcontracting, Labor laws, Government Property (GFP), Disputes & Government Contract Claims, and Closeout;

4. Termination for Default or Cause – TFD – Cure Notice vs Letter of Concern:

This is a serious legal matter that requires immediate attention.  Contact an experienced Termination for Default lawyer HERE now to discuss this matter: TERMINATION FOR DEFAULT LAWYER.

5. Termination for Convenience of the Government – TFC:

This is a serious legal matter that requires immediate attention.  Contact an experienced Termination for Convenience lawyer HERE now to discuss this matter: TERMINATION FOR CONVENIENCE LAWYER.

6. Expert Opinions on the Merits of Potential SBA and GAO Bid Protests, Disputes, and Claims; Assistance with same. SBA Bid Protest lawyer. GAO Bid Protest Lawyer.

7. Help Negotiating Prime Contracts and Subcontracts, to include FAR & DFARS Compliance, Subcontract Flow- Down T&Cs, Subcontracting Plans, and Teaming Arrangements/Joint Ventures; and

8. Assistance with CPARS Unfair Past Performance Evaluations and Small Business Subcontracting Plan Compliance.

9. Procurement Fraud Lawyer. This is a very serious matter. Please contact me immediately.

One thing not to do: Don’t Go it Alone!



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