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Remote Proposal Writer JobsRemote Proposal Writer Jobs – Telecommute. Federal Contracting Consultants.

The Giancola Firm is looking to hire a remote RFP proposal writer and editor. We prepare FAR/DFARS-based Federal Government contract proposals for contractors in response to Government-issued solicitations (RFP, RFQ, IDIQ, BPA, MATOC). Maintain your independence while engaging in interesting projects.

Remote Proposal Writer JobsJeffrey Giancola, the Principal, is a cum laude graduate of Columbia University and received his law degree from the University of Virginia. He is a member of the State of  Maryland Bar and has 30 years of experience in the Government procurement field.  This firm is attorney-managed.

We use a CUSTOMER-DRIVEN and BENEFITS-FOCUSED approach to Federal proposal preparation.


Remote Government Proposal Writer JobsRemote (Telecommute) Proposal Writer Jobs:

The Jeff Giancola Firm is seeking a select group of Government Contract remote proposal writers, coordinators, and editors to assist the Firm in furnishing Government proposal services to its clients.

Principal pays very promptly and by the hour per an agreed-upon rate (1099 Consultant) and IAW with task orders issued by Mr. Giancola. This work can be done remotely and in a manner consistent with COVID distancing guidelines.

This is an EXCELLENT opportunity for a proposal writer who desires flexibility and variable hours consistent with other personal or professional commitments.


Remote (Telecommute) Proposal Writer Job Qualifications – 4 Target Skill Sets:

Must be highly conversant in RFPs, RFQs, IDIQs, MATOCs, Task and Delivery Order Competitions (including GSA eBuy competes), and BPA Awards/BPA Order Competitions thereunder. FAR and FAR Agency Supplement compliance knowledge a must and extensive hands on Govt Proposal writing experience is required. Must be highly organized and have patience dealing with small businesses who may be inexperienced in the Federal marketplace. Most projects are modest in scope and the coordination and writing work can be comfortably managed by a single SME possessing both proposal writing and coordination skill sets.

Work involved may also include any or all of the following four skill sets (Proposal Writing, Coordination, and/or Copy & Content Editing):

Proposal Writing:  Ability to generate a compelling theme-based narrative tied to the Compliance Matrix/TOC that describes the offeror’s capabilities to satisfy Gov’t program (technical & administrative) requirements in terms of benefits conferred to the customer and that conveys a superior value proposition.

Proposal Coordination: Ability to perform the following tasks: RFP “tear down” and development of compliance matrix; Conversion of compliance matrix into proposal volume sections and TOC utilizing a work breakdown structure; Generate data calls to the client; Layout, formatting, design, and presentation of the proposal; Graphics, call out boxes, figures, charts, captions, benefits and features tables, color palate, organization chart, copy & content editing, and similar appearance and format proposal elements; Oversee the proposal schedule; Oversee the version control; and Ensure that the content and deliverable deadlines are met.

Copy Editing: (also called copyediting) This is the process of reviewing and correcting written material to improve accuracy, readability, and fitness for its purpose, and to ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition. In the context of publication in print, copy editing is done before typesetting and again before proofreading, the final step in the editorial cycle.

Content Editing: This does not typically involve the use of a handbook, guide, or manual, and focuses instead on what will make the substance of the text more comprehensible based on the subjective assessment of the editor. The process often requires changes based on rhetorical questions related to the ease of understanding and functionality. Content editing focuses on the general conceptual intent, content, organization, and writing style of the text in consideration.

CONTACT us here now: APPLY FOR REMOTE PROPOSAL WRITER JOB. Please feel free to send me your Bio in confidence.


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